Built Ins Part 4: Trim, Caulk, and Paint!

In case you missed it: Part 1  |   Part 2   |   Part 3 Y'all.  The built ins are done. D-O-N-E. Done. Imagine me doing a celebratory dance around my house...emphasis on the imagine part because I'm too tired to get up. First, let me explain how we covered the L brackets on the overhang... Remember how these brackets were showing? We first added some 1x2's... ...then cut … [Read More...]


Built Ins Part 3: Installing and Securing

If you missed the first part, check it out here and the second part here. Progress! The built ins are now installed and secured to the wall. These babies aren't going anywhere. To install the overhang, I bought 5 of these L brackets and two corner braces. We wanted the overhang to sit further off the wall than the tall vertical shelves to give it some dimension. To make the overhang … [Read More...]

Billy Bookcase Built Ins 9

Built Ins Part 2: Assembling, Painting, and Visualizing

If you missed part 1 (the planning) check it out here. SO. Before I get to the details, lets start out with what we bought at Ikea: 3 Billy bookcases (one of them is the skinny one), and 2 Billy bookcase extender shelves. Now...for how we got there. I decided on Mocha Accent by Behr for the back of the built-ins and Wheat Bread by Behr for the wall color.  I really like how white … [Read More...]

built ins 2

Built Ins Part 1: The Plans

I feel like life hasn't slowed down one bit since I've been home with Micah.  We have had full days of playing, book reading, walks, play dates...all great things.  So what's a girl to do when she feels super busy already?  Start a huge project of course! What else!? (It's a sickness, I tell you.) A couple weeks ago, I got the idea to add built ins around these french … [Read More...]


Micah’s Nursery Reveal!

Ah, Micah's nursery.  I had so much fun putting it together.  My goal was to use a lot of things that we had on hand.  I'll fill you in on the source list when I can, but a lot of the things we used were old (as in, things from our childhood) or handmade. Oh, how I love handmade things. And I love old stuff.  It is so fun seeing things that were in my room when I was growing up in Micah's … [Read More...]


I get it…

I get it. I get that anyone who lives about 3 hours north of central Texas rolls their eyes when we FREAK OUT because it snowed 1/2 an inch. So what if everything shuts down because We. Might. Die. if it gets below 32 degrees? But seriously...it's a snowpocalypse!  I can only hope we survive until it goes back to 75 degrees this Sunday. I love that my Facebook feed blew up with snow … [Read More...]

jlb 12

Nursery Wall Art

I'm going to be an aunt! Actually both my sister and sister in law are pregnant (and both due within a month or so!) so Micah will have some cousins close in age.  I'm so excited! I wanted to create some wall art for my nephew's nursery and here's what I can up with. I started with two 1x2's 8 feet long and cut each of them 3 times so I had 8 equal lengths. I used wood glue to … [Read More...]

An Update

Well hey.

Y'all. Remember me? I've missed you. I'm back. It's been a whirlwind of a year.  Allow me to catch you up with some pictures... Yep. We had a kid. He's Micah. He's adorable and roll-y and fun and hansome and so stinkin cute. I've been soaking up every minute I can with him. It's been a beautiful mix of so many new things. A new kind of love. A new way of living.  A new kind of … [Read More...]


Wisteria-Inspired Tufted Bench

I found the perfect bench for the foot of the bed in our master bedroom.  It is the Tufted Linen French Bench by Wisteria: And it only costs $574.00 + plus tax!  I guess I could pay that. Heeehehaha hahaha. Hah. Heh. No. So in true DIY knockoff fashion, I wanted to make one similar. Here's how I did it: Start out by drawing half of the demilune shape on a big sheet of white … [Read More...]


Succulent Love

As in...a love for succulent plants. :) I have a quick little project to show you today.  I wanted to some low-maintenance small plants for our front porch table.  Low maintenance because of my green thumb.  Or my lack of a green thumb.  In fact, my thumb is quite withered and yellow. Sorry for that odd visual. my thumb is actually pretty normal. As far as I can tell. So anyways, … [Read More...]