Hi, I’m Suzie

I’m a DIY enthusiast, house-to-home transformer, woodworker with over 10 years of experience, custom home builder, and endlessly curious maker. Building, making, and creating is my passion. Creating a home with my own two hands is my jam.

This blog exists to share my knowledge with others through detailed furniture-building plans, researched and tested painting techniques, information on how to design and build your dream home, and advanced woodworking skills. Through this blog, readers will feel empowered to create a home and products they love too.

finished diy square coffee table

Where It All Began

When my husband and I first got married, we quickly bought a house and just as quickly realized that we didn’t have the funds to furnish said house.

So I bought a circle saw because I didn’t know what else to buy and it looked like it could cut wood. I MacGyver-ed together some truly horrible looking end tables. The were wobbly, they were not level, they were all kinds of janky, they were completely unstable tables. I loved them.

The furniture building can was officially open. From there, I knew I wanted to make whatever I could with my own two hands. If I didn’t know how to make something, I’d figure it out. Building quickly became my outlet and passion.

My skills in building steadily increased, as did my knowledge of how to build quality pieces of furniture. I quickly learned various methods of woodworking and grew my knowledge base. I have spent over 10 years either selling the furniture I make or keeping it for my own home.

Fun fact – I still have one of those end tables because I just can’t get rid of my first-ever build. It’s on our patio in all of its wobbly, janky glory!

Home Building

In 2022 and 2023, our family built our own home. I took on the job of being the general contractor. I oversaw all of the finances, design, and management of subcontractors for our home build.

To say the least, I learned a lot in becoming a general contractor for building our dream home. Through this blog, I share countless bits of information that will aid you in building your own dream home.

The home-building topics I cover are basic home design, floor plans, dimensions for living spaces, and basic construction knowledge.

timber framing with window openings
built ins on either side of fireplace and fireplace surround

Why the Blog?

All of my furniture-building projects are dreamed up and built in my own garage shop. I simply add one tool at a time, as I learn one method of woodworking at a time. So, good news: you can too! Just start somewhere. Start with that janky, wobbly, unlevel end table and learn from it.

Then, follow along here and learn from me, too. That’s what this blog is – a place to document all of the projects I build. Learn all you need to know, so you can feel confident enough to try it on your own.

This blog exists to give you detailed tutorials and plans to create a home you love. I have run this how-to blog for over 10 years, built our own custom home, and mastered countless building and home DIY skills as well.

So, after doing this for over 10 years, documenting and teaching quickly became my outlet and passion as much as the actual building. Sharing the knowledge I know has become a passion because I love seeing others feel empowered with the confidence that they can begin creating and making.

I’m glad you’re here!

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