The Perfect Gift Idea for Men Over 60 Years Old

Have you ever tried to find that perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for men in your life?  Specifically, men over 60 years old.  You know the ones – the ones who already have the latest gadget, or just buy something for themselves when they want it.  Which is great for them, but not so great for you when you want to find the best gifts for them. 

Well today, I’m going to share the perfect gift idea for men over 60. It’s a gift idea that is sentimental and specifically tailored to those fabulous fellows over 60 who deserve nothing but the best!

Laser Cut Personalized Wooden Map with Epoxy Resin

The gift idea I will feature today is from Different Maps. Different Maps custom makes unique and personalized wooden keepsake maps in the location of your choice.

outer banks custom map from different maps

Their quality and craftsmanship from Different Maps are truly like no other.  They use a beautiful blue epoxy resin to depict water and you can choose the stain of the wood for the map.  You can place a pin in a certain area that is meaningful to you and mark it with an inscription, a date, a pin, a heart, and many others.

I recently ordered a map of an area that is very near and dear to my heart. Having this map on display in our home has been such a special gift!

gift idea for men over 60

These custom maps help to remember the memories that truly matter.  They use high-quality materials and the person receiving the gift will know that they received a completely unique gift that no one else has. It is the perfect way to send a special message to the man in your life that you love them.

Different Maps aims to create meaningful pieces that celebrate the beauty of the memories we have with the people in our life.  The maps they create will quickly become heartfelt treasures that are passed down for generations.

custom map gift idea

That’s why this custom map is such a perfect gift for an older man.  Most everyone has a special place that brings back beautiful memories and seeing that location depicted in a map is a beautiful sentimental gift to give. Different Maps has built a reputation for creating high-quality, personalized wooden pieces that capture the essence of your special memories.  

Customized Sentimental Gift Idea

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the maps they make.  You can order a map where the majority is water, a busy downtown area, or a more rural area.  The water features are my personal favorite because of the beautiful blue epoxy resin used.  

You can choose a customized size, color, area, title, pins, inscription, gift message, and gift wrap.  Truly, every part of the map is customizable, making it unique and one of a kind. As you can see in my map, I added a heart to depict special and meaningful locations within the map.

pin in custom map

You can view a page of past maps that they have made.  These maps would be perfect for any special occasion like birthdays, father’s day, or Christmas.

Each map they make is truly a piece of art.  I can’t think of a better gift to give someone who is especially hard to buy the perfect gift for.

Sentimental Gift Idea for Men Over 60

There’s something truly magical about a gift that tugs at the heartstrings, evoking memories and emotions that transcend time. There is power in a unique gift – those precious tokens that speak volumes of love, appreciation, and gratitude. Whether it’s for a beloved grandfather, a cherished father figure, or a mentor, the perfect thoughtful gift has the ability to convey the depth of our feelings in the most touching way possible.

A custom map from Different Maps the perfect sentimental and meaningful gift for men over 60.