How to Build a Square Coffee Table

This large square coffee is such a fun build and perfect for those just getting into making your own furniture. This build is simple enough that beginners can tackle it, and creates such a beautiful and custom piece of furniture with a rustic design. For less than $100, you can make your own unique, solid wood coffee table!


Step 1: Dimension the Lumber

Follow the provided plans to cut the lumber to size.  Use a miter saw to do this.   In order to make all the pieces uniform, run all the pieces through a planer to make sure they are all the same thickness.  


Cut the Pocket Holes

Use the Milescraft PocketJig200 to drill all of the pocket holes.  This jig makes quick, easy, and accurate work of cutting pocket holes!


Assemble the Coffee Table

Now that all of the pieces are cut and pocket holes are drilled, you can assemble all of the pieces together. Follow the plans to get the correct dimensions.


Apply the Finish to the Coffee Table

Sand the coffee table, first with 80 grit sandpaper, then with 120 grit sandpaper.  Wipe it clean. Apply the stain of choice and allow it to fully dry. Apply a matte polyurethane sealer.

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