The Best Non-Toxic Rust Remover: Evapo-Rust

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During a recent cleaning project in my home, it was important for me to find an effective, and safe rust remover to treat some rusted tools. I specifically wanted to find a non-toxic rust remover. Through my search, I was able to find a great product called Evapo-Rust.

In this article, I will cover why this is the best non-toxic rust remover available. It is great for every rust cleaning project from light rust, to heavy rust removal. It is also equally effective on old and new rust stains, and everything in between.

Evapo-rust has so many great benefits, especially compared to other similar products that have very strong chemicals and acids. Finding a product that is both safe and effective is important when used around a household and for cleaning everyday items.

evapo-rust for rust on cement

I also wanted to point out that this post is not sponsored in any way. I simply want to share the word about the best product that I have found to remove rust stains. When I find a good product, I want to spread the news with my readers!

The Most Effective Rust Remover Product

Evapo-rust is not just a super safe rust remover, it is incredibly effective in removing rust on many different surfaces. I have personally used it multiple times on items in my home. Some examples of items I have used it on are a metal jointer, old tools, and iron cookware. In each instance, the rust was effectively removed quickly and easily.

Non Toxic Rust Remover

One of the main reasons this product is so great, especially compared to chemical rust removers on the market, is because Evapo-Rust in non-toxic. Additionally, this type of rust remover is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and economical.

So often, products like these are acid-based rust removers that contain heavy chemicals that are not either of these (non toxic or environmentally friendly). Those strong chemicals work great in removing stains and rust, but they are not safe for heavy use or for the environment. This product is the perfect balance between the two.

Evapo-rust is one of the best liquid rust removers on the market that is both nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, Evapo-Rust is non-flammable and contains no petroleum solvents. This is incredibly important because this product is often used for de-rusting gas tanks. Anything that can potentially reduce the risk of a fire is a huge added bonus.

As another added bonus, Evapo-Rust is made the USA!

Safe, Simple, and Effective Rust Remover

When using this product, there is no need for protective gear like gloves, eye protection, or a mask when using this product. It is safe in the case of contact with the skin and eyes. Of course, if the product does happen to come in contact with your eyes, be sure to flush your eyes. And it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after use. However, Evapo-Rust is still safe if it does come in contact with either your eyes or hands. There are no harmful chemicals in this rust remover.

Another great aspect of this product is how simple it is to use. The ease of use is a huge selling point for me. You don’t have to dilute it or mix, it is simply ready to use out of the container.

This is also a reusable solution. You can reuse the product on other items with rust buildup if there is some leftover from previous cleaning jobs. If you are completely soaking small items, you can pour the leftover product back into the container and use it again.

You don’t need any special equipment to use this product. All that you need is this product and paper towels. Evapo-rust has undergone extensive research and proven effective in treated multiple rusted surfaces.

There are many surfaces (not just specific types of metals!) that the rust remover product can be used on. The list includes:

  • steel
  • iron
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • plastic
  • rubber
  • vinyl
  • concrete

It can be used on automotive parts, spray cabinets, metal fixtures, ultrasonic cleaners, pressure washers, pumps, BBQ grill, iron railings, auto parts, engine blocks, and vats…just to name a few.

Evapo-rust can be purchased in this 128 oz size, 1 gallon container, or a 5 gallon container.

How to Use Evapo-Rust

The first step to using this non-toxic rust remover is to clean the surface as best as possible. This is especially important if the surface is oily. Depending on what you are cleaning, you can use a pressure washer, scrub with soap and water, etc. Once the item is fully cleaned, rinse it with water and dry it.

De-Rusting Small Items

Once the surface is cleaned, you can then completely immerse the rusted item in the de-rusting product for 1 to 12 hours. The amount of time will depend on how deep and excessive the rust is. Additionally, if the rust stain is old, allow the product to soak for more time. You will find that this product removes rust very quickly, just be sure to check it every hour or so.

Periodically check the progress. If it needs more time, allow it to soak more on the rusty items for best results. The soak times will depend on how old and deep the rust is.

Once the rust is removed, rinse the product off of the item with water. Dry with a towel.

De-Rusting Large Items

There are occasional times that you need to clean rust off of large items that can’t be submerged.

Similarly to small items, do your best to completely clean the items. Soak Evapo-Rust rust remover in a smooth high-quality paper towel like a shop towel. Completely cover the affected area with the towel soaked with the product.

In order to make sure product can seep into all areas of the metal surface, smooth out any air bubbles in the towel. You will want to make sure the product does not evaporate too quickly from the towel, so cover the towel with plastic wrap. This will help keep the product in the towel, on the affected area, and not dry out.

It’s also important to note that this product should be used at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. If it is used outside and is excessively hot, be sure to keep the paper towel constantly soaked with the product.

If necessary, use magnets to hold the paper towels and plastic wrap on the affected area. This would be especially important if you are de-rusting vertical surfaces. Allow the product to sit on the rust for 1 to 12 hours. Check the progress periodically. Allow more time if the rust isn’t completely removed.

Once the rust is removed, rinse the item with water. Dry with a towel.

Evapo-Rust: The Best Non Toxic Rust Remover Product

If, once you have used this product, you can repeat the above steps over and over until the rust is completely gone. In most cases, Evapo-rust can be disposed of safely down the drain if needed.

Evapo-rust is the best rust removal solution and the right rust remover for many projects. If you end up using this non toxic rust removal product and love it as much as I do, let me know!

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