How to Add a Pull Out Drawer to Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Adding a pull out drawer to existing kitchen cabinets will provide some much needed functionality and storage to your kitchen.  It's a simple project, thanks to the Milescraft DrawerJig!


Step 1: Remove the Shelf from the Kitchen Cabinet

Make sure that the cabinet you are adding a pull out drawer to has removable shelves.  Some cabinet makers make shelves permanent, so look to see if they are sitting on shelf pins.


Install the spacer and Drawer Slides

If you're installing the pull out drawer on a face frame cabinet, add a spacer so that the slides will clear the frame.  Use the DrawerJig to install the spacer and the ball bearing slides.


Build the Pull Out Drawer

Using the existing shelf, build the drawer by adding sides and a front.  


Attach the Drawer Slides to the Pull Out Drawer

Flip the Drawer Jig around to the front and clamp it.  Set the drawer on the jig and attach the ball bearing slides to it.  Thanks to the DrawerJig, it should be a perfect fit!

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