The Standard Height of a Kitchen Dining Table

Understanding the correct height of a kitchen or dining room table is important in planning your space.  Knowing what will fit the best will aide you in creating a home that best suits your needs.  

You might also need to know the typical heights of kitchen tables for building purposes.  I have built many tables through the years.  They are always the most fun to build because I get to create a space for people to gather and make memories.  But, this type of project begins with proper planning and measuring before building a new table.

In this article, I will cover the standard measurements of kitchen dining table heights.  This will include rectangular and round kitchen tables, as the standard height is the same for both.  I will also cover the typical heights of bar-height tables and counter-height tables, along with the differences between those two.

The proper height of a dining table, especially in relation to the corresponding dining chair is very important. It is important to know, not just for comfort but for how to table and chairs look in the space.  If the table is too high or too low, it will be uncomfortable.

Height of Standard Kitchen Tables

The standard dining table height ranges between 28-31 inches tall.  This standard table height measurement is from the ground to the top of the table.  Almost all tables fall within that range of height, although some might be slightly taller or shorter to accommodate different styles.

You will also want to factor in a couple of things when deciding on the proper height of a dining table.  

The first consideration is how tall the seat of the dining chair is. If the seat is on the taller end, you will want to have a taller table. 

The typical seat height of dining chairs ranges between 17-21 inches tall.  This measurement is from the ground to the top of the seat.

The second consideration is how tall the apron of the tabletop is or how thick the tabletop is.  The dining table apron is a piece of wood that extends down from the tabletop. This is also called a dining table skirt.

If the apron is particularly long, you will want to purchase a shorter-height dining chair. If not, the knees of a particularly tall person might hit the apron.  

This is also true for a thicker-than-normal dining table top.  For example, the DIY River Table I made out of concrete and wood is over 3 inches thick.  For that reason, the height of the table (measurement from the ground to the top of the table) is 31 inches tall.  If I didn’t make it so tall, a person’s knees could potentially hit the underside of the table.

extra thick dining table top

This suggested dining table height of 28-31 inches is the same for round dining tables, a square table, and rectangular dining tables. Typically, round or square kitchen tables are found in breakfast nooks.  Formal dining rooms typically see more of a rectangular dining table.

round table in breakfast nook vaulted ceiling

Height of Counter-Height Kitchen Tables

The typical range in height of counter-height tables is 33 to 36 inches. True to the name, these type of tables are made to be similar to the height of a standard kitchen counter.

This means that on average, counter-height tables are around 5 inches taller than standard dining tables.  This, of course, depends on the heights of the tables being compared.

The height of typical counter height stools is about 24 inches tall.  This is the measurement from the ground to the top of the seat of the chair.

So, there is ample leg room when sitting in this style chair, but you will also be high enough to comfortably sit at a counter-height table.  Since this style and height of chairs work for standard counter heights, these are most commonly used at kitchen islands.

I covered bar stools in the kitchen in this post, so be sure to check that out for more information.

Counter height tables work great in breakfast nooks and casual eating areas.  They are not typically seen in a formal dining room setting.

Height of Bar-Height Kitchen Tables

The typical height of a bar-height kitchen table ranges from 40-42 inches.  This makes bar height kitchen tables taller than counter-height kitchen tables.

A bar table is also known as a pub height table.  Being that they are so tall, tall chairs (if you’re using chairs) are a must for this style of table.

The typical height of a bar-height chair is around 30 inches tall.  This measurement is from the ground to the top of the seat of the chair.

Bar height tables can also be used in a setting where there are guests mingling, as it is a good table to stand at.  If chairs aren’t an option, this style table would work great.  They are a great option for a small space.

Measuring Your Space to Decide on the Right Fit

In order to choose the right height of table for your space, it is important to take into consideration the surrounding measurements of the dining area.

If you have the dining space for a large table, like rectangular tables, standard height tables would be the best option.  This is due to the comfort and ease of getting in and out of a typical chair.

concrete and wood diy river table

For areas that have smaller spaces, a counter-height table would be a good option, especially if the space is not meant for particularly long meals.

The different heights of tables are useful for various spaces and are an important factor in designing a space that works best for you.

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