How to Install Euro Hinges on Face Frame Cabinets

European styles hinges are great for concealing the hinges behind cabinets doors, to create a beautiful and sleek look.   This tutorial will cover the basics of using the EuroHinge Jig from Milescraft to install these hinges on face frame cabinets


Align the Stop Collar on the Drill Bit

The EuroHingeJig comes equipped with depth-stop settings for the depth of the hinge cup. The jig has multiple common built-in depth-stop settings, so find the correct depth for your specific hinges and set the collar accordingly.


Determine the Hinge Cup Hole Location

Determining the hinge cup location will depend on the specific hinges you purchased. Once you find that, rotate both of the depth settings on the jig to match this setting.


Set the Edge Locator Pin

The edge locator pin that comes with the jig will properly set the distance from the edge of the cabinet door to the cup that will be drilled.


Drill the Cup Hole in the Cabinet Door

Attach the drill guide to the jig by rotating it in a clockwise direction. It will lock in place and you are ready to drill the cup hole in the cabinet door! This feature of the jig is great because it will keep the drill bit perfectly perpendicular to the cabinet door.


Attach the European Hinge to the Cabinet Door

Now that you have drilled the cup hole, you can insert the concealed hinge into the hole. Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws using the drill bit that came with the jig. Use the provided screws that came with the hinges to attach the hinge mounting plate, making sure it is square to the edge of the cabinet door.


Attach the Hinge to the Cabinet Frame

The jig comes with a hinge marking guide, which you will use to mark the location of the soft-close hinges on the cabinet side.

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