How to Build a DIY Gas Fireplace Surround

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a step by step guide to building your own gas fireplace surround.  This particular design surrounds 3 sides of a fireplace, as opposed to just a mantle above a fireplace.  

Step 1: Take Measurements

Take measurements of your fireplace so you can build your custom surround.  I will provide the measurements of our surround.  If they work for you, great!  If not, modify them to make them fit your space.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Tools

Check out the post for the full list of materials and tools needed to build this fireplace surround.

Step 3: Make the Cuts

I will provide many pictures in order for you to see the steps involved in assembling this diy gas fireplace surround. I made all of the rip cuts with my table saw.  All of the cross cuts and angled cuts were made with my miter saw.

Step 5: Apply the Top Coat

I applied a skim coat to the surround. Some other options for finishing the fireplace surround include: roman clay, covering it in a faux natural stone spray, or a concrete skim coat.

Step 6: Install the Fireplace Surround

Drill pocket holes in the sides of the surround so that you can screw it directly into the studs behind the drywall.  This step is especially important in order to ensure that the fireplace surround will not tip over.

For a more in depth article on this DIY project, check out