Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard

I have been looking for a headboard for our guest bedroom.  I stumbled upon this headboard from Pottery Barn.

Hate to break it you Pottery Barn, but I don’t have $1,199.00 to spend on a headboard.  I do love you, but that ain’t happenin.  So, I decided to make my own.

To make this headboard, you will need:

  • 1 large piece of wood (I used particle board, 4’x6′)
  • Jigsaw
  • Nailhead trim
  • 2 yards of fabric (I used a linen-like fabric)
  • Spray adhesive
  • quilt batting
  • hammer
  • measuring tape

Start with drawing your desired curve on only half of a large piece of wood.  Once that half is cut, use the wood that you cut off as a template to draw the other side of the headboard.  That way, you have a symmetrical curve.  I begged kindly asked my handsome hubby to help me with this step since he’s much better at cutting wood than I am.  Oh, and use protective eyewear.  Oops!

Once you have your pretty little curves cut at the top, lay the board down on a flat surface.

Spray some spray adhesive on the board and lay the batting down.  Now that I’ve finished the project, I would recommend use at least 2 layers of batting for extra dimension and cushion.  I used one and I’m while I’m happy with it, I would do more layers if I did it over again.  It’s all about trial and error, right!?

Using a staple gun, fold the batting over the back and staple it there.  Do the same with the fabric.  I didn’t take a picture of this step (just got so excited to finish!) but you get the idea.  Be sure to pull it very tight after each staple.

Once everything is stapled, mark every 1″ along the border using your tape measure and a pencil.  This is where your nailhead trim will go.

Start nailing in the nailhead trim.  Watch out for your fingers. Trust me. 🙂

How cute would this look tufted?? Drill holes in the back, sew on a button and pull tight. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to do that.

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Here it is in its new home! I’m lovin’ how it looks in our guest bedroom!


  1. WOW! I love, love, love it! Great job recreating it for a fraction of the price. Makes it even more fantastic in my book!

  2. I’ve seen the actual headboard at PB. Yours is just as pretty! Hats off for putting on all them nails!

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  4. After viewing several headboards, I want to copy yours ASAP. I have the fabric and batting, wood is easy to obtain, BUT can’t find the large nail heads. Can you tell me where you purchased them? I thought I saw them in JoAnne’s last summer, but went on line yesterday and it doesn’t show that they carry them. Round trip is about an hour and a half (plus snooping time in the store), so I can’t just run over there in my “spare” time. Opted to spend time more wisely until I have a reason to be in that area, but thought you might point me in the right direction. If they are only on line, so be it, another project that will have to wait for delivery! Thanks so much!

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