Best Garage Wall Organization and Storage System (2024)

This summer is all about garage wall organization for me. I currently use half of a two car garage for a wood shop, so being that it’s a smaller space, it needs to be organized well to make good use of every square inch. When looking for the best option for a garage wall organization and storage system, I found Wall Control. Think of Wall Control as a major upgrade to your basic pegboard.

close up of wall control

Wall Control is a metal pegboard system that is highly customizable and so versatile. Oh, and you can buy Texas-themed wall panels. I mean, come on – it’s like these people know me! What could possibly be better than Texas-themed organization!?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Wall Control, meaning Wall Control sent me their product to review. All opinions are my own.

Installation is very easy. I was able to get these wall panels up within minutes. If you have traditional 16″ stud spacing, the panels will hit the studs so they can be installed very quickly (but they also send drywall anchors in case you have different stud spacing).

installing wall control system

You can use traditional pegboard hooks, but they sell these double offset and slot hooks. I love these because they don’t come out when you’re removing tools and are very secure.

installing wall organization
close up of wall control hooks

Wall Control has lots of other color options that you can check out here. Also, their panels can be painted to make them highly customizable.

Close up of wall control hook

The Wall Control system is durable, it is strong, it is versatile, and it’s easy to install. Oh, and it just looks good!

organized wall with wall control

Before: no organization, tools everywhere, I could never find anything, not to mention always tripping on things.

Tip: to find my 3 most-used safety equipment found in this picture, check out this post on how to get started building furniture!

And now it’s organized, I can actually find things, oh…and it’s pretty! #Texasforever

the accent piece organization


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