Aged Frenchy Mirror

I’ve had this mirror sitting around for awhile.

I got it when I was a freshman in college and it’s been with me ever since!  It’s been in a closet for too long…I decided something fun needs to be done with it.
So I went to Home Depot and bought about 8 feet of this cabinet trim.

After giving the mirror a couple coats of paint, I cut the trim in to smaller pieces to make a nifty little design.

You might say to yourself: “Hm. That’s a lot of cutting.”

Yup. It was.

But I think it was worth it!
After I had all of the pieces and the frame of the mirror painted, I just glued down the trim, using my right angle to make sure it was all straight.

And here it is complete!

I used two different methods of aging the frame.  To get the chippy paint look like the picture above, I used vaseline.  I’ll give a  how-to soon.

And on the picture above, I used sand paper.

Here’s a breakdown of the angles:

I can’t wait to see how it looks hanging up.  Maybe above a window, maybe in the kitchen, maybe in front of a window.

Now that’s just crazy talk.


  1. This is AWESOME! What a great idea. I dont think I could handle all that cutting, but it’s super cute.

  2. Great idea and it turned out very cool. What tool did you use to make all those 45 degree angles? I also have to ask a stupid question… what kind of saw did you use? Circular saw?

    1. Hey momma, sorry I’m just now getting back to you. It’s the saw that I showed you when you were here! The miter saw…it’s really easy to cut 45 degrees angles.

  3. Love this mirror!! It was such a creative idea by you, well done!! And if you’ve got any extra patience hanging around, throw some my way, I definately need it! Thanks so much for following me, I appreciate you!

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