How to Install Drawer Slides on Face Frame Cabinets

Installing drawer slides on face-frame cabinets is a very simple and easy process, thanks to the DrawerJig from Milescraft. This jig allows you to quickly, flawlessly, and accurately install soft-close, ball-bearing drawer slides in cabinets.


Add a Spacer to the Inside of the Cabinet Box

Since this is a face frame cabinet, you will need to attach a spacer on the inside of the cabinet side for the drawer slides to attach to. This will ensure that the drawer bottom and sides will clear the face frame when it slides out.


Attach the Drawer Slide to the Spacer

Once the spacer is installed, the next step is to place the drawer glides on the jig.   Attach the drawer slide to the spacer with provided screws, according to the instructions that came with your drawer slides.


Attach the Drawer to the Drawer Slides

Set the drawer box on top of the DrawerJig.  Extend the drawer slides so that the front of the slide is flush with the front of the cabinet box. Use the provided screws to attach the drawer slides to the side of the drawer.

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