How to Use  a Miter Saw:  A Beginner's Guide

It's a work horse tool for the shop and, in my opinion, a necessity for anyone wanting to create home building projects. So, I will cover the basics of safely using a miter saw!

The miter saw is the first tool that many people purchase when they are just beginning to get into woodworking, furniture building, or DIY home projects.


What is a Miter Saw?

A miter saw is a stationary saw used to make crosscuts, miter saws, and bevel cuts in wood. It is also called a chop saw or drop saw.

A few types of miter saws are: single bevel miter saw, double bevel miter saw, and compound miter saw.


Mark Your Cut and Place your Board on the Saw

Measure and mark your wood piece with a line to the desired length. Set your wood piece flush against the fence of the saw. If you're making a miter cut, rotate the miter gauge to the desired degree. If you're making a bevel cut, rotate the blade to the desired bevel.   Tighten the gauges.


Make the Cut

Engage the blade by pushing the button on the handle.  Wait for the blade to reach full speed, then slowly lower into your piece.  Make sure your hands are at least 6" away from the blade.


Raise the Handle

Once you have completely cut through the wood, release the trigger and allow the blade to completely stop.  Raise the handle.

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