How to Make a  Floating Frame for a Canvas

Learn how to build a DIY wood canvas frame that you can quickly and easily make at home. The specific frame style is “floating” meaning the frame looks like it is floating around the canvas without touching it


learn how

- Prime 1x2 boards (enough to frame your canvas) - miter saw - wood glue - nail gun - stain - playing cards



Trim the boards

Cut your boards with the miter saw.  Miter the edges and add 1" to the height and width to make the "floating" look. 


Make the Frame

Attach the trimmed pieces together to make a frame.  Use wood glue, nails, and your squares.  Attach a stretcher going the width of the frame.  Your canvas will attach to this.


Add the canvas

Lay the canvas in the frame you just made.  Add equal playing cards all around the canvas to center it on all sides.  Mine was 12 cards each.  Nail the canvas to the frame.


Stain the Frame

Choose your favorite stain for the frame.  I chose Rustoleum's Flagstone.