How to Make a Vintage-Looking Wooden Riser

"I have recently been eyeing beautiful vintage wood riser display stands.  They seemed simple enough to make, so I set out to make my own!"


learn how

- Slab of Wood - Miter saw - Wood Glue - Clamps - Stain



Cut your wood to length

I chose 19" wide for the space I wanted to fill.  This dimension will depend on your space and the board you are working with.  Trim with miter saw.


Create the feet

Trim a small piece off of the edge of your board.  Cut that into 4 equal parts.  Glue to the bottom of the original board with wood glue.


Create the "vintage" look

Use whatever you can find to create a "worn" look.  You can use a sander, planer, hammer, chisel, wire brushes, etc.


Style it!

Load the riser will all your favorite accents - book, candles, plants, etc!