How to Make Wood Look Like Black Metal


Keep reading to find out how to make wooden dowels look like black wrought iron metal!


Prepare the Surface of the Wood

In order to remove as much wood grain as possible, sand the piece with 120 grit sand paper.  Then apply the primer meant to fill small scratches.  This will give it a super smooth finish that will mimic the surface of metal very well.


Apply the Base Faux Metal Coat

In even coats, spray the primed wood with the faux metal spray paint of your choice.  I used a satin nickel finish.   Allow it to completely dry.


Dry Brush Black Stain over the metal

Lightly brush black stain over the metal.  Repeat as many times as needed to get the desired look.


Apply the spray finish

To mimic the sheen of metal, apply crystal clear acrylic finish to the wood dowels.  This will also protect the finish from chipping.

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