How to Use  Edge Joint Long Boards without a Jointer

A Step by Step Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a straight edge on a board when you don't have a jointer.  You will learn how to edge joint wood by hand with a router!


What is edge jointing?

Edge Jointing is when you make the edges of boards straight and square - a technique that's imperative when creating a quality tabletop, cutting board, etc with no gaps in the top.


Flush Trim Router Bit

Start with a flush trim router bit for your router.  The length of the bit will be the max thickness of the board you can edge joint.  Check out the corresponding post for exactly what to buy.


Closet MDF Shelf

I found the straightest factory-made edge I could find in the closet section of big box stores.  They are MDF and are long enough to joint edge long boards.


Clamp your piece

Place your wood piece over the MDF and leave it with a slight over hang. Clamp it well.


Route the Edge

Using your router,  adjust the bit depth to where the bearing runs along the MDF, shaving off the edge of your piece.  This will create a perfect, square edge.

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