How to Make a  Live Edge  Waterfall Bench

A Step by Step Guide

Creating a waterfall edge on furniture is actually a pretty simple process!  I love the unique look it gives to pieces like this bench.


Gather your Materials

– Live Edge Slab – Track Saw and Track – Wood Glue & Glue Brush – Biscuit Joiner – Ruler – Clamps – Miter Saw – Sander – CA Glue


Measure the leg height

Standard bench height is 18"-20".  Draw a line at your desired height.  This will be your first cut.  I made mine 18.5" tall.


Cut the Miters

Cut a 45 degree angle at the location of the leg height. Once that is done, cut another 45 degree angle in the same location in the opposite angle.


Drill Biscuit Holes

Mark the location of your biscuits.  Drill the holes for these in all 4 edges.


Make the Cauls

Use the off-cuts from the 45 degree angles you cut.  Attach these to the slabs. You will use these to eventually attach the clamps to.


Glue and Clamp

Apply ample glue and insert the biscuits.  Join the two pieces together to make a 90 degree angle.  Clamp using the cauls.

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