How to Make a  Picture Ledge Shelf

"Making your own picture ledge shelf is a great option when you are trying to fill a large wall!"

Learn how to make your own in a few simple steps


learn how

- (1) 1×4 stock, cut to 7′ long (or however wide you want your shelf) – (1) 1×3 stock, 7′ long – (1) 1×2 stock, 7′ long - wood screws and wood glue - miter saw - drill - stain - level - stud finder



Trim the boards

Determine the width of the picture ledge.  Using a miter saw, trim all 3 boards to that width.


Screw the pieces together

Using wood glue and 1.5" wood screws, attach the 1×4 to the 1×3.  Next, attach the 1x2 to the front with just glue.


Apply the Finish

Apply the stain to the ledge.  Once that is dry, apply a sealer to further protect it.


Attach the picture ledge to the wall

Using a stud finder and a level, screw the ledge directly into the studs.


Style it!

Load the picture ledge with your favorite artwork, family photos, or paintings.