How to Make a Wooden Cigar Ashtray

A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to make your own handmade wooden cigar ashtray.  The one I made has the center part as the shape of Texas, but you could easily make this round instead.   Learn more >>>


Gather your Materials

– Hardwood (like walnut, cherry, oak, maple) – Router – Router Edge Guide – Round Nose Router Bit – Spiral Cut Router Bit – Miter saw – Odie's Oil – Sander – Slab Stitcher with the Texas inlay (if creating a Texas one) – Circle Cutting Jig (if creating a round center instead of Texas) – Butane Torch


Determine the size of the ashtray

They layout is slightly different than the above picture of the cherry ashtray, although the process is the same.  So, you could easily adjust the dimensions to fit the layout you prefer. I allowed 1.5" for the cigar to rest, and .75" around the rest of the center


Use your router to make a cigar rest

Use an edge guide and round nose bit in your router to create a "groove" that the cigar will rest on.


Trim to the correct dimensions

Use your miter saw to trim the boards to your desired size. This is an easy way to batch these out!


Route out the middle

I wanted a Texas shape in the middle, so I used my slab stitcher kit to create that.  However, if you want a circle in the center, you can use a circle cutting jig to route out that shape.


Apply the Finish

Give it a good sanding with 220 grit sandpaper.  Finish it with my favorite - Odie's Oil!

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