How to Make a  Concrete and Wood Dining Table

A Step by Step Guide

I love how unique every concrete and wood table is! Keep reading to find tips and tricks for how to make your own.


Gather your Materials

– Live Edge Slab or Wood of your choice – Saw - Wood for Table Base - Casters -Rebar - Butterfield Concrete - Sealer – Wood Glue & Glue Brush – Melamine Board - Sander/Grinder


Determine the Layout of your Wood

This step will depend upon the wood you are working with.  Cut the boards to length.


Build the Base

Determine the correct size of the base in relation to the wood and concrete you will use as a tabletop. Modify the plans as needed.


Make the Melamine Form

The concrete won't stick to melamine, so use this for the form. Insert rebar into the edges of your wood for reinforcement.  Seal all of the edges of the melamine with caulk.


Mix and Pour the Concrete

Butterfield Concrete is countertop-grade and perfect for this. Mix according to instructions and pour into form.  Allow it to completely cure.  Remove the melamine form.


Sand and Seal

Sand the surface.  A quality grinder is best for this type of project.  Apply a concrete sealer to the surface.

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