How to Cut a Wood Waterfall Edge Corner Joint

A Step by Step Guide


Cut your first 45 degree angle

The location of this cut will be at the desired height of the leg of your piece. Take the kerf into account, and make a 45-degree cut.


Cut the 2nd 45 degree Angle in the Opposite Direction

Get as close to your original cut line as possible. The less surface of the top that is cut off, the better. This will allow the wood grain to flow seamlessly down the angle.


Reinforce the Two 45 degree Angles Together to Create one 90 degree Angle

You can use a biscuit joiner, domino joiner, or dowel to reinforce the angle.  Use wood glue.


Clamp the 45 degree Angles Together

Use the off-cuts to create cauls to clamp the pieces together.



And that's it! Just sand off the extra CA glue from the cauls.

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