How to Use the Best Shelf Pin Jig: The CabinetMate by Milescraft

The CabinetMate jig has everything you need to drill shelf pin holes that are the correct depth and that are perfectly aligned.  This will not only save time, but it will help create professional-looking cabinets.


Determine Hole Location and Spacing

The CabinetMate shelf pin jig comes with 2 pre-set hole spacing options: 1 7/16" or 2 1/2" distance from the edge. Determine which spacing is best for your project. Attach the provided spring-loaded self-centering drill bit into your cordless drill.


Align the Shelf Pin Jig to the Piece

Turn the jig over so that the back of the jig is facing up. Hold the jig storage compartment flush against your work piece.


Drill the Shelf Pin Holes

Using the provided drill bit, bore the first hole using the template holes. Once the first hole is done, insert the locating pin into the hole. This will help to hold the jig in place while you drill the remaining row of holes.


Repeat on the Other Side

Using a square, draw a straight line across the piece. Make sure this line is centered on the first hole you drilled. Align the jig on the opposing side with this line. The jig comes with notches at every hole location to make this step easier and more accurate.

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