How to Make  No-Sew Tie-Up Curtains

A Step by Step Tutorial

These no-sew tie-up curtains are a simple way to update a window or add privacy, without the need of a sewing machine!


Materials Needed

– Enough fabric to cover the width of your windows, plus about 6" – Iron-on hem adhesive – Iron – ribbon


Cut the Fabric to Size

Cut the fabric the width of your window, plus about 6".  Also, make sure you cut it the height of your window, plus another 6".


Apply the Iron-On Tape

Fold the fabric over 1" on each side.  Add the iron on tape.   Fold over the top enough to allow the curtain rod to go through. Add the iron-on adhesive there as well. 


Apply Ribbon

Drape the ribbon over the top.  You can also add iron on adhesive here as well.  Cut it to length, to where the length is slightly loner than the curtains.


Tie Up the Curtain

Tie both ribbons to the desired height and you are done!

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