How to Build a  Wood Slat Farmhouse Headboard

From Reclaimed Wood

I was able to use reclaimed wood from an old deck to create this farmhouse style rustic wood slat headboard and bed frame.  Keep reading to find out how!


Lay out the design of the scalloped headboard

I traced half of the desired shape of the headboard on a large sheet of paper.  I then traced it onto the boards that I layed out, creating a mirrored image on both sides.


Cut each board one by one

Using a jigsaw, cut each board on the line that you traced from the paper.  Trim the bottom of the boards as well, leaving the outer two longer, cut to the desired height of the headboard.


Attach the Boards Together

Attach boards together by adding a board perpendicular to the wood slats.  Do this on the back of the headboard for support.


Sand, Stain, and Seal

Using 120 grit sandpaper, sand the headboard until smooth. Apply the desired stain.  Seal it with a polyurathane.

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