How to Make an Outdoor Wooden Doormat

"I have always loved wooden doormats for the front porch, so I recently set out to make a mosaic version of one. I love how the wood brings warmth and character to the porch!"


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- Cedar Boards - Kreg Jig and Kreg Screws - Kreg Adaptive Cutting System - Wood Glue - Face Clamps - Drill - Stain and Sealer



Dimension Your Boards

Dimension all of your cedar boards according to the provided plans. Cedar is a great option because it is rot and bug resistant.


Make all of the angled cuts

Luckily, every angle cut will be either 45 degrees or 90 degrees.  They go quickly since it's only two angles.


Apply the Finish

Apply the stain and let it dry.  Then apply the sealer.  A spar urethane is the best option to seal wood outside


Attach the Boards with Pocket Holes

Using a Kreg Jig, drill your pocket holes and attach with wood glue and a clamp