How to Make a Light Up Wooden Star

"I have always loved the idea of decorating with stars for Christmas, so I set out to learn how to make a 5 point wooden rustic lighted Christmas star to decorate the exterior of my home with!"


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- (10) 20″ long, 4″ wide Cedar  - Kreg Jig and Kreg Screws - Miter Saw - Wood Glue - Outdoor LED Fairy Lights - Staple Gun - Spar Urethane



Dimension Your Boards

Make sure you have enough stock to make (10) 20″ long, 4″ wide pieces.


Make all of the angled cuts

You will make 18 degree cuts and 54 degree cuts.  Check out the post to find out how to do this on your miter saw!


Attach the pieces together

Using your Kreg Jig, drill the pocket holes and attach with Kreg Screws and wood glue


Attach the Lights to the Back

Using a staple gun, attach the string lights to the back.