How to Install a Sliding Barn Door

And How to DIY the Hardware!

 The door I made is solid wood, so I needed to make sure the hardware used is heavy duty and can handle the weight of the door.  Keep reading to find a detailed tutorial for how to hang a sliding barn door.


Gather Materials

– Finished Barn Door (follow the link below to find out how to build one) - Two Trolley Hangers – Trolley Track – 4 Box rail attachments


Prep the Hardware and Wood

I wanted the hardware to be matte black, so I sprayed all It first.  This was easier to do before installation.  I also painted the wood that will be attached to the wall the same wall color we have.


Install the hardware on the door

Install the hanger on the door in the desired location.  Attach the rollers.


Install the hardware on the wall

Attach the board and wall hardware directly into the studs.  The wood piece is so the door sits far enough from the wall that it won't hit the wall


Install the Door on the Track

Insert the rollers into the end of the track. Add the end cap.

To find out exactly what hardware to buy and an in-depth tutorial, visit!