How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board from  Scrap Wood

Learn how to repurpose that scrap wood into a beautiful end grain cutting board with a juice groove and routed finger handles!


learn how

– Scrap Wood – Planer – Table Saw – Clamps – Router with Edge Guide – Router bits: chamfer and round nose bit – Belt Sander – Orbital Sander and 120 & 80 grit sand paper – Wood Glue – Odie’s Oil and Microfiber Cloth



Plane, Glue, and Clamp the Wood Strips

Gather the scraps. Plane them to the same thickness and glue together. "Slice" them on a miter saw in 1" strips  and rotate them to expose the end grain.  You can now re-glue them together.


Rip the Boards for the remainder of the cutting board

WIth the rest of the boards, glue them together into two separate strips. Once the glue is dried, plane them to the same thickness as the center.  Then, glue all 3 pieces together.


Add a Juice Groove and Handles

Using a router with an edge guide, add a juice groove.  You can also then route handles on the side.


Sand and Seal

Sand with 120 grit sandpaper.  Finish with Odie's oil to make it food safe.