How to Build a Large Expandable Outdoor Dining Table

Free PDF Plans!

The set consists of 3 outdoor dining tables: one large one and two smaller ones.  This extendable outdoor dining table set can seat 12-14 people.  The mobile tables can be configured in a number of different ways to fit the needs of your space.


Download the Free Plans

Find the free PDF plans on!  Follow the link below and you will find the free plans!


Materials Needed

– Figure 8 Tabletop Fasteners – Locking 2” Casters – 2 ½” pocket hole screws – 1 ¼” wood screws – 2” wood screws – Wood glue, rated for outdoor use – Countersink drill bit – Kreg Jig   – Drill   – Miter saw or table saw – Circle saw – Tape measure


Make your Cuts

Using the provided plans, make all of the cuts needed at one time to cut down on build time.


Drill the Pocket Holes

Mark the location for all of your pocket holes and drill them all at once.


Assemble the Table

Use the provided plans and assemble the tables.  Be sure to use outdoor screws and wood glue!


Stain and Seal

Use your desired stain.  Allow it to dry, then apply a spar urethane.  This will help with durability in the outdoors.

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